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  1. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hello Guys I am trying to install my pioneer apple CarPlay into my touran. getting a little annoyed as I can't find the right kind of live feed to power the stereo. I want it so that it stays powered once the ignition is switched off, then turn off fully once I remove the key. this is how it...
  2. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I'm in the process of fitting a 1.8t in my Mk1. I'm making custom boost pipes and I a m wondering if it matters where in the system the MAP sensor goes? I'm building it with aesthetics in mind so would like it to be hidden away with an easy route for wires. As it is originally in the IC could I...
  3. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Morning helpful elves of the forum, Right, my 'car' attention has passed to The Black Box ahead of my annual Alps trip. Engine wise the EGR and CAT have been deleted (and coded accordingly), a panel filter has been installed, it has been serviced (no plug change) and the nice blokes at AMD...
  4. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi Basically guys I just had my induction kit filter and heat shield. But my 1.8t aum needs another filter To go on the breather part anyone know the size I need and do I need it to have a rubber neck or stainless how would I attach it Thanks nick
  5. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Evening. My OH in all their wisdom has been driving the Box this week with the 'check oil level' light / warning message on. Checked the level and it was low. Filled it to the max line and engine is running without any new rattles. However, the warning light is still on. Does this need to be...
  6. Detailing and Car Care Discussion
    Is there anything that can hide the deeper scratches? Not looking for show shine but just for the car to look decent before I sell it. Will be getting another touran after this too!
1-6 of 6 Results