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  1. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    I'm removing the passenger side driveshaft on V6 Bora, on my way to replacing the clutch. I'm using this guide & Bentley manual. I've undone the spline bolts and the triple grip as shown in photo, but can't pull the drive shaft out. I can wobble it a bit but doesn't pull out. Is there...
  2. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    I did the suspension a couple of months ago. I recently noticed a knocking noise from the back especially on bumpy roads. Not only was the top bolt loose but there was 1mm or so side to side movement as shown with red arrow. I didn't notice this when installing. There is no such movement on the...
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Is anyone aware of an uprated and/or full alloy (i.e. no plastic end tanks) radiator that will fit an ARL (PD150) rad pack? Darkside's aluminium rad (this one) states that is does NOT fit the ARL. I'm going to drop them a line to see what options there are, but I wondered if anyone knew of...
  4. Bodywork and Painting
    Metallic black vinyl... can anyone suggest a brand and/or supplier for a decent quality metallic black vinyl? I'm looking for a decent quality vinyl (i.e. not a no-name chinese ebay special) that doesn't break the bank, and is preferably close to the LC9Z sort of fleck.
  5. Clutch and Gearbox
    If someone were planning on acquiring/building a gearbox for a TDI 4motion, what would be the best way to acquire/create one? Buy factory-built 'box from a vehicle from continental Europe. Find the unicorn OEM 'box from an A3 8L TDI Quattro in the UK (given one also needs the rear diff and...
  6. VAG Diagnostic Software Discussion
    So, while fiddling about with my shiny new VCDS cables, I took a look at the Instrument Cluster's soft coding, trying to ascertain why my washer fluid warning doesn't sound at the appropriate time, and got a result I wasn't expecting. The soft code I have is 17414. Going off the tool-tip...
  7. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Since I've done work to my car (pulled out dash, trim, carpet, fixed AC flaps, suspension, detailed engine bay, cleaned air box), the Traction Control Light comes on. When car is first turned on, the light is off. Before driving, when I push the brake pedal, it lights up and stays on. New...
  8. Interiors
    I'm plotting some things, one of which would require chopping a hole in the top of the dashboard... which I have concerns about. Not the fact that I need to cut a hole, but HOW to do it. As the top surface of the Bora's dash is that odd rubberised "soft touch" stuff, I have a couple of...
  9. Interiors
    When reinstalling the dashboard, is there a way of checking that the 2 clips (underside of the top part of dashboard) have slipped under their attachments? Yes, I have replaced all the foam, installed 4 flap motors and taped up the perforated aluminum flaps.
  10. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    While changing driver side front suspension, I notices the plastic housing around some wires from engine bay has degraded (to right of centre in image below). Falls to bits when you touch it. What's the best way of covering this up?
  11. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Struggled with the fronts today. shows the rubber suspension strut storage for my car is: 1J0 412 331 C, which I have But the new assembled strut is about 20mm taller than the old, and I can't get new one to fit (it's too tall). I'm doing the left first as seemed easier from Bentley...
  12. Bodywork and Painting
    I removed the boot seal to clean all round. Now the seal doesn't stay in place. I can stretch it out to fit, but it just keeps slipping off. Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks
  13. Bodywork and Painting
    Bonnet & front fender clear coat on my blue V6 Bora has come off. I have an opportunity to purchase a blue V5 Bora with intact paintwork. Will the colours be the same after swapping panels over, or will my car look like a Rubik's cube?
  14. Cars For Sale
  15. D.I.Y Guides and How to Instructions
    I'd read several posts on this, everyone reporting an awful experience. I couldn't work out the Bentley manual instructions/pictures, so proceeded to remove the blower motor, cabin air filter and flap as people had advised. I don't think these steps are necessary. I had already removed he...
  16. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi All I've recently bought a car I've always wanted but it has its problems the engine has 155k on clock and sound tappity. I was thinking of just getting a rebuild what are the maxing out figures on standard internals before i have to forge the internals ? Also i was looking at putting a...
  17. Wanted / Swap Shop
    Anyone have one of the aluminium TIPs for a PD engine? Think they mostly came on 130s. I'm located in Coventry, happy to pay for postage or collect somewhere in the midlands. Cheers
  18. Wanted / Swap Shop
    Wanted VW O E M sat nav M F D and disc if possible. don't need the cd player really, just the unit. Thanks in advance. Alex
  19. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    This maybe a daft question. My wiper relay 192 started doing funny things and I've bought a replacement but I fitted it and the intermittent wiper stays the same length of time no matter how hard / little the rain. 192 is supposed to be the rain sensor relay. Can you fit the relays round the...
  20. Wanted / Swap Shop
    Wanted PD if possible wagon, Cash waiting FOUND ONE . PLEASE DELETE