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  1. TDI & Diesel Forum
    So I've got a MK4 4dr 1.9 TDi pd/ps110. I want to swap in the PD150 engine into it, I was speaking to a good friend with a golf himself he said if I swapped the 150 into it I'd need to fit a 6speed gearbox too unless I wanted to change the flywheel and clutch to run the stock 5 speed is got...
  2. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Hello, New to this forum so wondering if I could request some help with this problem? Basically I got a new 56mill hybrid turbo built off a pd150 platform (Which my car is anyway). At the same time I was getting it installed i got new silicon boost pipes installed (Stock intercooler kept), with...
1-2 of 2 Results