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  1. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi, So I am in a bit of a pickle here. Yesterday I drove my car in the morning, I came home, parked it and in the evening I come to the car and I find out I cannot open the doors from the remote. I changed the battery to the remote, but still nothing. I take the extra key and still nothing...
  2. Suspension, Brakes and Chassis
    Im after buying a Left hand drive master brake cylinder to replace the one in my RHD. will it fit or do I have to buy another one, I have a 2003 Golf 1.4 petrol, please help :(
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Iv owned my tdi mk4 for four months now and cannot for the life of me remove the engine cover. For those who are unfamiliar the tdi cover comes with three bolts... That are all spinning... I think I would have been able to resolve the issue by now if the bolts weren't 100 metres down a recess -...
1-3 of 3 Results