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  1. Clutch and Gearbox
    first post hope i’m doing it properly… please can i get any opinion or known issues with my ASZ 51 plate? first and second gear have been difficult to disengage forever, (not all the time) today the mrs was on a straight run of when it glided to a halt. gear linkage seems to be doing its...
  2. Clutch and Gearbox
    I've got the gearbox out and still need to install new clutch. While I have easy access, should I replace the odometer sensor (1J0 919 149A) and reverse light switch (02T 945 415) and clutch T-piece breather (1J0 721 468 C). When I ran VagCom before taking everything apart, there were no errors...
  3. Clutch and Gearbox
    I'm attempting to remove the gearbox on my V6 Bora 6 speed manual but can't separate the transmission from the engine. I think I have undone all the bolts, including two facing towards driver side. Both drive shaft flanges are removed and transfer case is loose. It's not hitting the subframe or...
1-3 of 3 Results