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  1. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hello all, first post here as a new member on this forum. As the title states, I'm looking at finding a performance Exhaust for my Mk4 2.3 V5 170. I've been having trouble finding an available Cat back system in the price range for this particular model. However, the options for the Mk4 GTI and...
  2. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I'm already pretty certain I'm going to do it already, but the exhaust tip for the exhaust I'm planning to buy will stick out of the rear bumper, unlike the stock exhaust which is angeled towards the ground and is hidden. Will it be a problem for me to cut out a slot for it to fit as intended...
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi I’m looking to upgrade my exhaust on my 2.0 8v petrol bora and wondered what would be the best options can I decat ? All I can find are downpipes for 1.8T and unsure on fitments as mine isn’t turbo’d ……….. yet 😈 any advice or help would be rad 🤙🏻
1-3 of 3 Results