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  1. Regional Meets
    I'm trying to get a Milton Keynes monthly meet going with another local guy. He used to run Keyne on Dubs so we're kicking it off under the same name. Anyone is welcome, not just VW folk. The first meet will be on Sunday the 1st of February.
  2. Regional Meets
    DIY Performance are having a meet on the 26th of this month starting at half 7, at Race Spec Performance in sheffield S92TW, They is no entry fee and Race Spec will be open to buy parts of any kind and a burger van. Spread the word!!
  3. Regional Meets
    Hello All, Just been talking on another thread on here about future midlands meets. What are peoples idea's on this? Location? Monthly Meets / Every Other Month / Random? Best Day? I personally will be un-able to attend any until i get my finger out and get my car on the road, but ill'd be...
  4. Regional Meets
    So Rubbadubz is six years old so its time for us to all meet up and celerebrate. Yes i know celerbrating the fact that the club is 6 years old is a bit odd, but we were all so busy last year we forgot to celerbrate our 5th birthday lol. As per usual all our friends and fellow dubbers (old skool...
  5. Regional Meets
    So here we go again, its coming up to that time of month again where the Rubbadubz crew and friends can all meet up again as per usual all dubbers are welcome, from old skool to new wave, air cooled to water cooled. hopefully see you all at The Anchor Inn Main Rd, Kempsey, Worcester...
  6. Regional Meets
    hope you guys dont mind me posting this up but Rubbadubz are having there 1st official meet of 2013 As per usual all dubbers are welcome, from old skool to new wave, air cooled to water cooled. Hopefully see you all at The Anchor Inn Main Rd...
  7. Regional Meets
    i've heard of this mega meet through a friend of a friend, but never actually been to it. I gather from the fb page that its finished for the year now. Anyone on here ever been to it? any good?
  8. Regional Meets
    I was just wondering if a few local Chestefield and surrounding areas fancied getting together. I know a few people on here. Used to do this with VVOC also, might even be able to get a few of them guys to join us too. Drop a message down on here if you fancy coming along and we can then arrange...
  9. Regional Meets
    Meadowhall Retail Park from 7.30pm on Monday 15th October. Be there!!
  10. Regional Meets
    Not sure which section this should be in but I collect my turbo tomorrow and was wondering if any other members on here are from the Oxfordshire area and would be interested in arranging a meet?? I am keen to meet other golf enthusiasts and to learn more about my turbo :)
  11. Regional Meets
    is anyone intrested in setting up a west midlands meet? iv been searching around but cant find a big one? maybe just once a month ? if so get some names up here and ill look around and try find a suitable location and time?
  12. Regional Meets
    Please take the time to read this I've have seen it flying around a few sites now and there are a lot of people going on very short notice the amount of support this is getting will mean a change of venue. Was not sure where to...
  13. Regional Meets
    Hey all, Derby Dubs meet this Thursday (21st June) back of Pride Park Stadium, Derby. Usually a big turnout, lot's of people from Nottingham way turn up too! 7pm onwards [:)]
  14. Regional Meets
    Just a little heads up, VAG meet on the 23rd of June @ Phoenix Motor Services, E12 The Enterprise Village, DN31 3AT Grimsby. Starts at 5pm, anything vag welcome! Looks to be a good turnout!
  15. Regional Meets
    <st1:place w:st="on">East Midlands</st1:place> and North monthly meet!.. - First Thursday of the Month<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Lidl in Sandiacre just of J25 M1 is the location of the meet. <o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> So the meet will be held on the 1st Thursday of every month now due to the...
  16. Regional Meets
    We had upwards of around 150 cars at the last meet ranging from Mk1 Golf Gti's to Mk6 Golf Gti's, Audi 80's to Audi RS4's, BMW M3's, 911's and loads loads more. And if nothing impresses you then there is always a McDonalds to go to! Cheers!!
  17. Regional Meets
    Hi guys was just wondering what intrest we could get for an east miss meet?? There were few that turned out for MFN and everybody seemed interested to make it a regular thing, anyone else feeling this or just me lol Cheers Tank :)
  18. Regional Meets
    before i start may i just say sorry the late posting of this and also a big thanx to all those who came last time so here we go again, its coming up to that time of month again where we can all meet up again as per usual all dubbers are welcome, from old skool to new wave, air cooled to water...
  19. Regional Meets
    Lowdown meet, Meadowhall Retail Park, Sheffield, Monday 21st from 7.30pm. It's gonna be massive. This is mainly a VW meet so we'd love to see some new faces turning up. You can find the forum on or on Facebook. Cheers!!
  20. Regional Meets
    I was wondering if there's any big meets in the North of England... I see meets mentioned down south but they are a bit far away.... Was wondering if theres any for us nothern folk...??? y
1-20 of 130 Results