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  1. Bodywork and Painting
    Afternoon chaps, I recently bought a MK4 Golf Estate (again..) and replaced the limp boot gas struts, with a pair of Febi Bilstein ones (P/N: 1J6827550/C), which are 500mm in length. The problem is, when I open the boot to it's highest point, the top of the boot lid touches the very back end...
  2. MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora
    I recently replaced my boot handle and attempted to replace the lock tumbler assembly as well, but it just won't lock in place with the metal retaining clip. I've followed manuals and youtube videos to the letter but it still just will not lock in place, I've even tried to bend the clip out a...
  3. Interiors
    Hi all, Something that has always bugged me is the interior trim on my Mk4, on a few models including some 1.4's they've come as standard with a first-aid compartment on the nearside of the boot whereas with my "MATCH" special edition it didn't come equipped with this and instead just came with...
1-3 of 3 Results