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  1. TDI & Diesel Forum
    Hi, I was recently having an issue with a hissing sound, extremely large amounts of black smoke under acceleration and when travelling uphill along with a loss in mpg (could get between 55 and 60mpg on motorways, compared to now around 42mpg) and power. (I would also hear a noise intermittently...
  2. TDI & Diesel Forum
    My 1.9tdi seems to have lost boost. The change over solenoid came of its bracket and has melted to the EGR inlet. I’ve removed the change over solenoid and plugged the vac lines but still got no boost and struggles to start. Hasn’t thrown a EML? Any thoughts why it’s still not boosting? I don’t...
  3. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi all new to this forum, recently bought a mk5 golf 1.4 twincharged On acceleration at low rpm it feels as if the car is cutting boost and there is a noise like air or a blow off valve for a split second and boost comes back. When on turbo it pulls like a train but i have the feeling that my...
1-3 of 3 Results