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  1. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    Hi I’ve just bought a 1.8t ARZ mk4 golf, sometimes when idling it will be very smooth then there is a sudden drop as if I’ve flicked the key off and back on. The car runs great otherwise. I’ve replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter etc. and I have gotten 1 fault code for bank 1 O2 sensor 1. Any...
  2. Engine, Tuning and Performance
    I bought a 1.8t mk4 two days ago on very low mileage. It was a 2 hour drive home that I took nice and slow. Yesterday I started putting my foot down a bit but nothing stupid. Last night after doing a pull the temperature gauge suddenly shot up and the check coolant light came on. When I got home...
  3. MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora
    Hello, I'm looking for a database to find how many golf were made for each colours/engine etc. I'm curious to know if my Jazz Blue Golf is rare or not?
  4. Audio, Electrics and Lighting
    Hi Guys & Gals, Strange one. The temp gauge is completely erratic. Either while I'm driving or just running on idle parked up the temp gauge will shoot up to 130c and then back down to where it should be at 90c I have changed both the temp sender (sensor) and also the thermostat, so it is not...
1-4 of 4 Results